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Near-Death Experiencers
A gathering of those who have been to the “other side”

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Spiritual Retreat for NDErs

-- May 15-18, 2014 --

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       We welcome you to journey on this path of Light, as the Light we have to share is the Light that dwells within the soul of the universe. The Light within the Light. These are the affirmations, and the truths of love that shall be shared with those seeking and searching for the wisdom of the Near-Death Experience. For it is not the experience that makes one so special, but how the Near-Death Experiencer reacts to their experience that makes it so unique.  
       We as Near-Death Experiencers are just the mere givers of a gift, and a gift is useless unless it’s unwrapped. So unwrap this precious gift we have to share with you. A gift of love, a gift of Light, a gift of sharing, but most of all the gift of truth, and the gift of Creation to understand the purpose of our universal existence.
       Visit with the Clan Of The Fireflies, for they carry the Light within the Light. For many Fireflies have become as one, and as one they shall be a Lighthouse for others who are seeking direction and love into, and of the Light.   Spirit of the Firefly, Ken Prather 2006   
Mission Statement:

Spiritual Retreat for Near-Death Experiencers Mission:

To help each other open to our unique light and self-realization through loving communication, encouragement and validation, which ultimately contributes knowledge and compassion throughout the world.

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2014  -  Ninth Annual Retreat for Near-Death Experiencers

As near-death experiencers we’ve been coming together every year since 2006 in St. Louis, MO for three consecutive days of opening our hearts and sharing our journeys, both on the other side and through our lives here on earth.  As all near-death experiencers know, it’s the after-effects and the integration of the experience that create a life-long journey of joy and challenge.  Although some of us are new to the vastness that results from crossing over to the other side, many of us have been dealing for a very long time with what it means to have this experience and the resulting challenges of loss, homesickness and relating to life so very differently here on earth than others do or than we used to prior to the experience.  As well, we’re dealing with newfound gifts of perception and awareness that ensue from entering a multi-dimensional state of awareness that never recedes.  We have found that coming together to share with one another, opening our hearts to each other and voicing what has been a soul-altering experience allows us to not only make sense of our lives but also creates a community of support that strengthens and grows each time we meet.  Our hearts are always open to anyone who would like to share with us, to experience what it means to simply be among like-minded, like-oriented souls.  If you are feeling drawn to experience this supportive community of NDEers, we would love to have you join us this year in St. Louis.  We hope to see you there!

Flyer for Spiritual Retreat for NDErs

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